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This is the default with Postfix version 2.6 and earlier.Specify a location in a file system that will not fill up.An undefined parameter value is replaced with the empty value.The expressions "$" and "$" are replaced with "value" when "$name" is non-empty.The lookup table is persistent by default (Postfix 2.7 and later).Specify an empty table name to keep the information in volatile memory which is lost after "postfix reload" or "postfix stop".The Postfix configuration file specifies a very small subset of all the parameters that control the operation of the Postfix mail system.Parameters not explicitly specified are left at their default values.

Note: this is not an invitation to make changes to Postfix configuration parameters.After each database cleanup run, the verify(8) daemon logs the number of entries that were retained and dropped.A cleanup run is logged as "partial" when the daemon terminates early after "postfix reload", "postfix stop", or no requests for $max_idle seconds.Time units: s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), w (weeks). Lookup table for persistent address verification status storage.The table is maintained by the verify(8) service, and is opened before the process releases privileges.

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