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Only 55 percent of Bulgarian homes subscribe to a fixed broadband connection (27th in the EU) but half of them benefit from high speed connection (10th in the EU).Bulgaria needs to address a severe digital skills gap where only 31 percent of the population has basic digital skills.At the end of 2016, the Bulgarian e-Government Agency was established with a main goal to combine all government efforts in implementing the proper IT infrastructure for digital public services.

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However, the education system has not kept up with demand and the number of available IT jobs will soon exceed the number of IT graduates where the demand for IT specialists is three times greater than what the educational institutions can supply.Bulgaria has a long, rich tradition in the IT and electronics sectors (dating back to the Communist era) and is still known as the Silicon Valley of Southeastern Europe.Bulgaria is home to approximately 10,000 ICT companies, 70 percent of which are only exporting.The 2015 report of the Bulgarian Communication Regulation Commission (CRC), the penetration of the mobile data in the population was 80.8 percent which represents a 22.6 percent increase compared to the period 2013-2015.This significant growth is due to the active push of the mobile data packages by the mobile operators, combined with sales of subsidized devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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