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Chuck informs Casey that he has Colt's address, but Casey stalls, knowing that finding the cipher reactivates Chuck's elimination order.

He asks Chuck "don't you want me here to catch you when you fall?

As Colt is being cuffed, he smiles and shows admiration for Chuck.

Chuck and Sarah decide to try to have their date again with a quiet evening at home, but while Chuck makes preparations Casey is once again ordered to execute him.

Casey and Sarah arrive at Colt's old hideout, and while Casey believes that Chuck was wrong, Sarah believes he's right but they were too late; this is confirmed when she has a bad feeling and learns that Chuck isn't at the Buy More.

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However NBC was quick to renew the series for its second season.Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah's date is going well, but as they are about to kiss, Chuck flashes on one of the patrons.He soon realizes that everyone at the restaurant is an enemy operative, led by Mr. Casey arrives and crashes his Crown Vic through the restaurant window and helps Chuck and Sarah escape, but not before Colt punches Casey.Meanwhile, Graham leads a team of agents to the Intersect room to upload it into them, but as he activates the computer the message: "FULCRUM THANKS YOU" appears on the screen, and the entire chamber explodes violently, killing Graham and everyone in the room.Chuck answers the knock at his door and Sarah is there with the news the Intersect has been destroyed.

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