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Your icon should also stand out in a grid on your user’s device, making them more likely to open and interact with your app on a frequent basis.

Fun fact about icons: Apple won’t even feature an app (an incredible driver of downloads) unless they believe the icon is well-designed and fits in with their overall look and feel.

The former category’s brands are massive and will be virtually impossible to beat, but if you’re able to do it, you will earn serious amounts of downloads.

The latter category’s apps are not as entrenched by users, and it’s more likely you can rank against them, but you might not earn as many downloads from it.

Because so many downloads are driven by the app stores’ Top Charts, it’s important to choose the category that will give your app the best shot of ranking highly in the Top Charts for your category.

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With millions of apps across i OS, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms, standing out in the boundless sea of available apps is becoming increasingly difficult.

So, here is how you can get free downloads: In order to understand your organic app distribution progress accurately, you need to first sign up for an analytics tool.

You’ll want an analytics tool that will track your apps and your competitors through the Top Charts and Search Rankings.

Draw Something does a great job of showcasing fun screenshots that include overlays, describing features of the app as shown in the example above. Organic marketing refers to any method you can use to earn downloads without paying for each one.

Post launch Congratulations, you’ve finally launched! While some app creators like to think this is the end of the road, it’s not. Paid marketing is any method you can use to pay for each individual download.

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