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Those rescued in the Mediterranean Sea have told aid workers they paid more than ,000 (£7,750) each to be taken from Dhaka to Dubai or Turkey and onwards to Libya, where the violence and chaos engulfing the fractured country is fuelling powerful smuggling networks.The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said the emerging route had dramatically changed the demographics of asylum seekers arriving in Italy, who until now have largely hailed from sub-Saharan Africa.My friend, if you wanted to find one, you would with or without my help. But thanks to the people who saw the glass half empty, my intention with the blog post was a half full one.I wrote it so that I can alarm those who want to avoid places saturated with prostitutes.They coordinate with gangs inland to detain migrants in squalid detention centres, where Ms Salah has met imprisoned Bangladeshis, while others continue to work in restaurants, services and construction.

“Establishing effective governance is the key to defeating terrorism in Libya and countering illegal migration,” the Foreign Secretary said.

“What the agents sell is a route out of destitution and poverty,” he added.

“It’s typically the young men that go, either of their own volition or as the main earner for the family.

But moves to support Libyan detention camps have been criticised by humanitarian groups and the UN, which warned that refugees suffer arbitrary detention, rape and torture, and that pushing them back into a warzone could violate international law.

The dire situation has so far scuppered prospects of replicating the controversial EU-Turkey deal, while talks between the GNA and a rival Russia-backed warlord in the east ended without agreement this week.

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