Black panthers intimidating voters philadelphia

Reports out of Philly say that Republican poll watchers have been thrown out of polling places throughout the City of Brotherly Love.

Local Republicans have taken to social media @Philly GOP to share their accounts with the nation in real-time.

Trump has been pounding away on the theme that aspects of the system are “rigged” urging his supporters to turn out in massive numbers to ensure victory when the polls close.

Take a look at this video Fox News aired earlier today of a new Black Panther in Philadelphia "intimidating" voters. The Atlantic discovered this video just a few minutes ago.

In Pennsylvania, Romney’s final (and only) ad buy was an appeal to voters worried about coal jobs, something literally zero Philadelphia black voters might care about.

One of the most infamous examples of voting-law violations in modern history was when The Justice Department secured a court judgment against the Black Panthers for a videotaped incident of voter intimidation, a case that after the government won but before enforcement could take place, Barack Obama’s then-new Attorney General Eric Holder to drop the case and let the Black Panthers go.

Some polls are split regarding whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is likely to win Pennsylvania, with Republicans complaining that voter fraud is so rampant in Philadelphia that it could steal a victory from Donald Trump if the margin is close.

The man is walking in front of the voting building but doesn't seem to be doing anything of concern.

In 2008, the network spent hours playing and replaying a video of two Panthers glaring at a conservative poll-watcher as he filmed them. “This remained untouched for hours as people voted! Hours later, the network called Pennsylvania for Barack Obama. Four years ago, when Barack Obama won the largest electoral mandate in a generation, I watched the embryonic “birther” movement try to overturn the results in court.

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