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16, after " shane dance " note [still applied locally to a dance or set of dances in which the steps are those of the sheean trubhais, or chiefly so.] No.

28, after " bannock " note [servant's fee or perquisite paid in kind.] Page 65, 1. The pilget is said in " New English Dictionary " to be " apparently equal to pillion," but seems in above rather to belong to the cloakbag.] No.

Sir HECTOR MUNRO, Bart, of Foulis, and Lord-Lieutenant cf Ross-shire (5 copies).

of Polio, Ross-shire, and Mrs MACKENZIE (3 copies).

3, after " clogbag trunk for lady's linnens," and No. 10, after " Clockbagg with ye papers and charters " note [cloakbag or portmanteau fitted for carrying on horseback. 6, after " demipick (or -pike) saddle " note [half-peaked, i.e., with the peak half the height of that of the old war-saddle.] No.

Page 25, line 20, omit repetition " to be held on the Lord's Day thenceforward." No. BEATON, Esq., Bellevue, Johannesburg, South Africa. of Fearn Lodge, Ardgay, and Fenay Hall, Huddersfield. JOHN MUNRO, Esq., of Barnato Bros., Johannesburg, S. JAMES NICOL, Esq., Town Councillor, Thornton, Tain.

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